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Watch and Earn Sep 22, 2017

Checkout the Watch and Earn Section. The earnings are nearly unlimited. Just start the videos and let them run and you are making money. Also there are more offers that you can do to like the offerwall and more. So, be sure to search around.

Matched Pool Earnings Aug 17, 2017

Hi Members, Its been a while since we had an insiders member promotion. So, here it goes.... What set ClickDailyClub apart from any other PTC Site is our Sharing Profit Pool. Until now, many haven't witness the big deal of how it actually works. So, the last day of the month of August, the Pool Earnings will be MATCHED by me the Admin up to $100. This in turn will double your earnings for the month. Now if you're smart you will see what a no brainier this offer is. So, click on Pool Shares Tab to see how to get an entry. **Noted:If you are spending $5 on banners then buy them $1 at a time to get 5 entries. If purchased all at once you will only receive 1 entry of $5 instead of 5 $1 entries. Checkout previous winners: http://clickdaily.club/index.php?view=account&ac=pool_winners

Its Here....... Jun 30, 2017

Hello Members, Today is an Exciting Day for ClickDailyClub(CDClub). Exciting because a New Feature had been added to the site on today which I believe will revolutionize the PTC Site Industry. Now, It's not perfect by all means and would probably need some tweaking but it's here. This New Feature is a Profit Share Pool and no its not the revenue shares you're use to. Its a random drawing that pays members who purchase selected products. Those products are Featured Banners Featured Ads Featured Links Banners 460x68 Based upon the amount of the pool determine how many members will be drawn for the Pool Share. 50% of the pool will be paid to those selected members. Purchase through Account Balance has been deactivated. This is to ensure that fresh funds are coming into the site which keeps the site healthy. If you want to use you balance, you will have to withdraw your funds and pay with your processor. To View who is eligible for the drawing, look at the top navibar and click on "Pool Shares". If any questions be sure to message me. Until then Happy Earnings and have a Great Day!!!!

Exciting NEW Feature Coming this July Jun 21, 2017

Hi Members, I am excited to tell you of a New Feature we will be presenting to the site this upcoming July. I can say I have yet to see this feature on any other PTC Platform. This Feature is a Profit Pool. That's right, you heard it! Certain products are subject to the Profit Pool where 50 percent of the revenue generated will be share with the members into their accounts on the Monthly basis. I really think this feature will help keep the site healthy and around for the long haul. We will be constantly trying to added new feature to the site to have you earn more and this site successful. Thanks to all members and happy earnings!

ClickDailyClub Welcomes You May 07, 2017

Hi New Members, Just want to thank you all for joining my site. I will do everything I can to make sure not only can you make money here but make it fun for you to return again and again. You earn POINTS and Tickets that can earn you extra money and WIN Contests on the Weekly and Monthly basis. Also, PTC Wall and Clix Wall had been added to increase your earnings. Since the site is NEW this gives you a great opportunity to build your Referral Down-line. More to come so make sure to Bookmark this site. GREAT EARNINGS.....

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